Monday, September 14, 2009

Top 5 D-Bag

So I have noticed a lot of really classy moements by some people in the public eye as of late, so I thought I would roll out another top 5 list, of some recent Douche Bags.

So in no particular order.

1. Kanye West. Now I used to like Kanye. He has done some crazy things in the past (I don't think Mike Meyers will ever be the same)but his crazy antics have gone to far. At the recent VMA's, Taylor Swift won some award (honestly does anyone even care? Which makes what Kanye is about to do even more douchey). In the middle of her speech Kanye takes the stage, takes the mike from her, and says that Beyonce should have won the award. Talor Swift is like 19, and just won her first VMA. She is trying to say her thank you's, and she has this D Bag, taking the mike and telling her someone else should have won. Now Kanye has done this before, but it was when he lost, not someone else. Hopefully he is left off award show invite lists from now on.

2. Joe Wilson. Have you heard about this guy. No? Here is a clip.

That guy you heard yelling "You Lie" Is currently a member of the House of Representatives, and a Republican. He decided that it was a good idea to heckle the President of the United States during a nationally televised speech. Now you may not always agree with the president, heck I disagreed with most everyhing the previous administration did. I would have the tact not to call him a liar during a speech though.

3. Serena Williams. Unless you watch a lot of sports coverage you may not have seen this one, or know who Serena Williams is. She is a very accomplished Womens Tennis Player. Argueably the best of the last 10-15 years. In a recent match she let out this tirade.

So, Serena was called for a foot fault, and decided to essentially tell the line judge that called it she was going to shove the ball down her throat. Classy. The kicker is that for her outburst she was assesed a point penalty, which cost her the match.

4. Michael Crabtree. So this is a football player, who was drafted by the SF 49ers. Going into the draft a lot of people said he was a high matinence, a PrimaDonna. Instead of coming in and working hard, he has refused to sign a contract. He is asking to be paid as if he were drafted in the top 5 spots in the draft, why you ask, because many Mock Drafts had him going in the top 5. Trouble is, he was drafted #10. In the NFL paying a draftee is fairly straight forward. You get less than the person before you, and more than the person after you. Crabtree has said he will sit out the year, and enter the draft again next year. Now while most of us would love to play a profesional sport a a career and get paid millions to do it. This guy is willing to sit out, not get paid, because his feelings go hurt. What a role model.

5. Jay Leno. So he hasn't really done anything lately to deserve this, but I really don't like Jay Leno. I really hate that he is taking up 5 hours of Prime Time TV this upcoming season. 5 hours that could have given us the next LOST, Office, or How I Met Your Mother. The 30 minute Comedy has been dying out for some time, and if I see another CSI, NCIS, or Law and Order spin off I might punch someone. Now we've got Jay, taking over the air. My fear is that people are going to watch, and next year CBS will give some crappy talking head 5 hours of airtime, then ABC and FOX.


Erik said...

I thoroughly approve of this list, though I think people are being a little hard on Williams. She's been a consummate professional up to this point and lost it once. Mind you, it was a pretty big screw up, but I'll give her a pass for having this be the first time in a decade of playing.

Mr Blume said...

I put her up for the severity of what she did. I mean she pretty much lost it on this lady. She hasn't shown much remorse either. I think she learned her lesson though. Kanye on the other hand, will be highjacking the stage again I fear.