Friday, September 4, 2009

Early Draft

I have been forwarded an early draft of a rebuttal to the upcoming Obama speech to students, to be given next week Tuesday. Enjoy

Students, Teachers, Parents, most of you have just listened to President Obama, and his message to the youth of America. You heard him discuss the merits of staying in school, working hard, and getting good grades. He told you of the work he put in to get accepted in college, and the rewards he has reaped from a good education.

My friends, I am here to tell you today, that you don't have to listen to this Democratic rhetoric. All too long, they have bemoaned the merits of a good education. They have labored on how one must pay attention in class, study at night, and if at all possible pursue an education beyond the 13 years that you are already forced to go through.

My friends, I am here to tell you that they challange that President Obama laid before you, will be a set up to failure for most of you. The democrats idea of education has become misplaced over the years. It is time we as a country took a stand to change this.

I remember sitting on my Grandparents porch, my friends, and listening to my Grandfather talk about how he decided that after his second day of fourth grade, that school wasn't for him. He spent the next six years pretending to go off to school, but instead he would sneak down to the local trout stream, and spend his day fishing. Now some of you may be thinking that how can a man with a limited education go on to be somebody. My friends, I stand here before you today, to tell you of the success my Grandfather made for himself, a success that was not learned in a book or a class room. He went on to win the Winchester County Trout Fish Off, three times in his life. THREE TIMES! Those are lessons learned on the banks of the stream of life, not in the classroom my friends. Don't let the Democrats and their socialist agenda stop you from finding your Trout Stream.

My friends, as I travel the country I see many people, who have overcome the chains put on them to learn in a formal school setting, achieve greatness. I met a gentleman in Randolph, Nebraska, who has made quite a nice business for himself, even though he never graduated High School. Thousands of people stop at his general store each month, and have their picture taken next to Nebraska's largest ball of twine. After deciding that his conservative viewpoints were not being appreciated in our countries liberal school system, he went to work bailing hay at a local farm. At times throughout the day, the twine would get stuck in the bailer, since he had not yet reached manhood, it was his job to climb into the machinery, cut and restring the twine. Not wanting to leave the twine in the field, he would ball it up and put it in his pocket. Each day when he got back to his trailer, he would put the twine from the day, in a pile on his dining/living/bedroom table. After six months or so the pile was so big it starting spilling over into his den/bathroom/library. He realized he needed to do something with it, so he balled it up and put it in his yard. One morning on his way to the farm, he noticed a bus of tourists had stopped and was standing in his yard as people took turns having their picture taken in front of it. As they left, they gave him a $20 bill. From there his dream was born.

While I respect President Obama, I am against this notion that we have a one size fits all education system. Each child should have a choice as to how they pursue their dreams, they shouldn't be force fed into the book and paper system that the Obama administration is pushing on the kids of America. A class room is not the only place to learn, and a teacher is not the only person who can teach.

My friends, I encourage you to sit down as family's tonight. Discuss the merits of studying hard. Talk about your experiences with reading, riting, and rithmatic, and if at the end of the day if really got you anything. Is knowledge really power?

Book learning may have helped President Obama reach his place of power, a power that I feel he misused today. If the previous administration showed us anything though, it showed us that it does not take a high level of intellect to reach the office of President.

Thank you my friends, and God bless America!

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Heather said...

You forgot sports. It is a great route to success.