Monday, April 6, 2009

Al Qaeda is recruitting Possums

From CNN:

Weeks after the National Park Service caught a raccoon who'd been stalking White House grounds, Capitol Police nabbed another furry fugitive Monday: a possibly rabid possum spotted near the Rayburn House Office Building.

As the possum took refuge in a nearby tree, officers isolated the area and called for animal control officials. Animal control caged and removed the animal from the scene so its condition could be determined.

Hey Possum, who the hell do you think you are. What gives you the right to wander around our nations Capital, and with rabies none the less. Is this how it's going to be. Try and take over the world one rabies victim at a time? Don't think playing dead is going to get you out of it either. One more false move and you will have this to deal with...

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