Thursday, June 19, 2008


I saw the Pacific Ocean today. The group of people whose office I was at today, took us to Santa Cruz on the wharf to an Italian Restaurant that looked out over the ocean. The food was great, the view was amazing, and the people were awesome. Overall it was a great night, and a great way to cross one of the items off of my list.

This area of CA, is very beautiful. I would love to have more time to spend. Santa Cruz has a board walk and the wharf, with all the tourist attractions. I hear there are some very pretty red wood forests around here. The terrain is nothing like I have been in before. Very mountainous, and then bam you are at the ocean.

Tomorrow back to the office, to finish up our work related things, then we plan to drive the ocean back up to San Fran, where we will hopefully be able to spend some time. Not that anyone from my work reads this, so I don't need to type, work comes first, but it does. So I am not sure how much time we will get.

We will see what tomorrow brings. Though this is an area, that I would love to come back to, and spend time in.


manricor said...

Rub it in. Next time wait until you're home to blog so I can hit you.

Heather said...

Hi, I am at your house. It's nice, but, I like the ocean too. Bring Mandy a present! Your man cub had loads of hippy fun today.